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MND vs Zip World Challenge

August 1st, 2016

The time has finally arrived for the zip wire challenge so I, Liz, Maya and Amy took the 4 hour drive in the party bus to Wales. Nerves had started to kick in and the next morning Liz was thinking her full English breakfast was not a good plan. We met Ellie at zip world she had travelled from Portsmouth that morning. We were greeted by the staff at zip world who were keen to help me and get us all kitted out, this included been weighed, the girls all went to do the small zip wire and I got to watch from the comfort of the zip world land rover, and also found out some interesting facts about the site from Helen and Anna. Once the girls had done the small zip wire the general consensus was it wasn't too bad. we then headed up the mountain in the Land Rover to the top of the Big zipper normally you were transported up in a large army style truck which is rather uncomfortable however due to me not been able to get in the truck then the Land Rover was the better option, once at the top I was put in my manual wheelchair and dragged around for various photographs. Then it was time to be loaded on to the zip wire this involved quite a few people aiding me along the way including Scott who at one point actually carried me lol. The team where brilliant with me and managed to get me hooked up reasonably quick and soon I was ready for the big push I wasn't really nervous but more looking forward to the ride. soon I was flying overland downhill approaching speeds of 100mph and then suddenly the land disappeared and you were over a huge Lake where it suddenly felt like you had stopped moving due to the sheer size of the Lake, at one point I thought they would have to come and rescue me lol. Once over the lake my eyes turned towards the finishing point where you do slow down on the approach but when the braking mechanism kicks in you certainly come to a fairly abrupt halt and as I couldn't grab onto the hook they hooked me instead and then disconnected me and put me back in my Wheelchair with amazing Grace the whole experience was absolutely amazing and the staff were totally fabulous and I would really like to go again in the near future, as I think all of us would love to do it again we haven't managed to add up the money raised as yet so I will update this as and when we know the figure.

Now we are in search of our next adventure. I have made a video of the experience and hope My first attempt at video editing has worked out well.

If you would like to know more about our fundraising activities, or if you would be able to make a donation to go towards the wheelchair I now need in order to keep up with my little girls.

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