Making memories for our young family as we live with Motor Neurone & Fabry's Disease

November 2016

November 1st, 2016

Well it has been a little while since my last post; there has been some good news and bad news first the bad news we have lost 2 more mnd sufferers, Paul Parkin and Paul crowdey who I followed on Face book, my condolences to their family’s as I know how hard it must be.

Also I managed to get a blood clot in my right leg causing DVT luckily for me it was spotted by my GP straight away and I am now on Treatment and hopefully heading in the right direction.

Now for the good news with a lot of effort my wife Liz and a lot of friends and helpers we have managed to raise the money needed for the 4 x 4 wheelchair and we are hoping for delivery in November. I can't say enough thanks to all the people that helped and donated so that we can continue to get out and about with the girls in the countryside, there will be loads of photographs and videos to come of our adventures.

I am please say that one of my fellow mnd sufferers who I look up to Simon Adams, is doing very well with his recovery from having a tracheotomy and this also gives me great hope for the future should I need to go down this road.

Our antics since my last post have included Lilly's 5th birthday which she had a small tea party followed by a pool party the following weekend which was brilliant fun. Hull fair was annual part of our calendar and as normal the girls loved it. We have also had a day out with my sister, brother in law and the girl’s cousins at light water Valley which was rather cold but was brilliant fun. more recently We managed to coincide Liz's birthday with a trip to piglets Farm near York for their annual pumpkin Festival, we met up with some friends and had a brilliant day enjoying the excitement and collecting our own pumpkins, pumpkin catapult and other Halloween related activities. A great day was had by all

We had a Halloween party which I have to say was fun but carnage lol. We also now have a new member to the family she's called Ruby and is a small Pony for the girls as they love horse riding and do this on a weekly basis and a local riding school.

Plans before Christmas include Bonfire Night. A weekend away in Dales with the new Wheelchair along with getting out as much as we can despite the imminent cold weather.

More pictures to come in a day or so.

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