Making memories for our young family as we live with Motor Neurone & Fabry's Disease


January 1st, 2017

Well what a hell of a year it has been, mainly all good I have to say even if mnd has tried to take even more of my life.
Normally my blog posts are about our adventures. I think a bit size look at the last year and a peek into the future is in order.

We got our van which is amazing thanks to motability. I can still drive.
Centre parcs, Disney land, Wales and Lapland UK were on our to do list, along with raising £11500 for a 4×4 wheelchair. Visiting a fire station was an unexpected bit of fun
which we achieved and delivery is within 2 weeks. A bit of flying through the air was in order on the longest zip wire in Europe.
Flying round Silverstone in a formula one style car was another tick on the bucket list.

My computer voice took a big leap forward and more will be revealed in January

We made a lot of memories this year and will make even more next year.

Health Wise, unfortunately an improvement was never on the cards, during the year I have lost the ability to basically do
anything for myself. I get fed, showered, dressed and helped with toileting. In fact probably easier to say I lost my dignity this year. However that’s the negative approach and at the end of the day I still have a lot to live for, plus I’m not done yet.
Although with a lot of help from my wife Liz, carer's and my two little girls I don't get left wanting.
I rely more every day on my eye operated computer as my fingers just won't do as they are told.

so to the future and what's in store for us this new year, definite things include centre parcs, summer holiday, Liz driving the same formula one style car I rode in.
lots of 4×4 wheelchair adventures including if possible a coast to coast wheelchair attempt and maybe an abseiling adventure.
One thing is for sure we will make lots of great memories.
So please have a great new year and for the record we will attempt to get places on time but it takes me longer and longer to get ready.

Oh no comments on my clothing, i already know lol

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