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Busy busy busy

April 5th, 2017

It seems so long since my last blog post, in actual fact we have been that busy, but  I will get to all that in a minute.  First the bad news, our ice maker has packed up, this is devastating news, as a lot of people are aware I live on energy drink, only with ice though, I decided to get a more commercial one, leaving Liz gardening, my carer in this instance Thelma and I travelled some 120 miles to collect the bad boy.

Right on to other matters. Since my last post we have visited Bugtopia at Hornsea Freeport, full of amazing bugs, insects and butterfly’s, however my carer wasn’t amused, Dannica this time, but it has good disabled access.

We have also been on Filey beach with the 4×4 wheelchair which was great fun.  Although I did get stuck as I ran out of power, net result was my carer, rescue Rosie Having to bring the van on the beach to rescue me.

We have been to 100 years of Disney, on ice.  Absolutely brilliant, took me back to Disney world in 2015.  We all really enjoyed it including Dannica who thought it was far better than Bugtopia.  Also must say first class disabled access for Leeds First Direct area.

Visiting the National Railway Museum was good fun, the girls rode on the steam train, I couldn’t get on, nor could I get on the road train into York, my electric chair is too heavy, best take the manual one.  We followed this with a trip to see Beauty and the Beast, one of the girl’s favourites.

Last weekend was Poppy’s birthday , we had a tea party with a few friends and a swimming pool party on Saturday which was amazing fun and Poppy had a great time, yet another birthday I got to see , loving life.

Last Sunday was a first, District disability games, put on by Rotary; we all had a great time.  Lilly won a second place trophy, I managed a second and in electric wheelchair racing I got two first but I must admit I only had one person to beat.  Poppy also won a medal.  The high light had to be Liz running with the girls, not only did she have trainers on but....  I’ll let you watch the video.

Now the weather is improving we hope to do so much more, more 4×4 wheelchair action and a lot more drone footage.  I have never been more positive about my condition; I am raring to go in a morning.  I have now got back into hydrotherapy, going to a local school one night a week, with the added bonus that the girls come to so it’s a family event.

The Easter holidays are set to be busy too, with trips out and Easter egg making classes for the girls, staying in a caravan, should be interesting lol.

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