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Holiday mayhem

June 2nd, 2017

Well what a month it has been. No appointments, 3 amazing weeks with my fantastic family.

First there was center Parcs – Sherwood Forest, we stayed there last year and had a great time.  We managed to get the same adapted lodge as last time, which met all our needs including my disability needs as well as the complex Having great accessibility all round.

The girls love the swimming as well as the water slides and rapids, which they dragged Liz on at least 50 times throughout the 4 days.  We had booked them on mini cross bows, 4×4 adventure off roading and a mini aerial assault course.  They both really enjoyed everything.  We ate out once at the Pancake house which was yummy as usual.  Not to forget that we were joined by my retired carer Pam who stepped in at the last minute to save the day.

From all points of view it’s a great getaway and even better I get to see it all.

Then after a 4 day stint at home it was off we pop to sun it up in Turkey complete with my carer Thelma.  The holiday had taken hours of planning and research by Liz as using a specialist disabled company costs so much more.  Liz trawled through loads of holidays but the same issue cropped up, can’t guarantee a disabled room.  We selected one and then had to wait six weeks for confirmation from the holiday company they could guarantee everything , with 2 weeks to go everything was ready.  Oh but then we get a call , I know it’s not what you want to hear but your wheelchair won’t fit in the plane, after some haggling it was established that if we fold the back down it would.  So you name it we sorted it in days, airport parking, visas, travel insurance, travel money and the list goes on right down to sun cream and inflatable crocodiles.

5am start.  5 people, 6 suitcases  1 medical , oh and a trunk big enough for two bodies, well in fact a mobile hoist, both medical cases and wheelchair go free. Everything went smoothly and by 21: 30 local time we were eating dinner in the hotel .

The hotel was fabulous on every level, not to mention everywhere was accessible to me in my chair, even down to the disabled sun beds right at the front of the beach.  I could even get on to the pier like anyone else. I have even made a video proving this.  There were so many swimming pools, none are accessible in the conventional sense but with 3 strong people I was in the pool, photos to prove this lol

The food was amazing as were all the staff, everyone was amazingly helpful. The girls absolutely loved it especially kids club, where they made lots of friends, mainly the staff.  They met some dolphins, went pony riding, on a banana boat as well as pizza and cookie making.  We made lots of new friends Turkish and English, there was no surprise that an English guest had seen diy sos – hi Sarah lol. As with many places we go new challenges await us and Turkey was no exception, day 2 and Liz pointed out that the toilet had a wash facility, bonus I thought. Thelma cranked up the tap, what happened next can only be described politely as a personal invasion, a jet of water came flying out at mains water pressure through the eye of a needle.  I think it might be close to colonic irrigation. Parasailing was another challenge but this was made so easy as there’s little or no health and safety in Turkey.  Having said that travelling to the shops, a small walk away was similar to trying to get round Hull city in a wheelchair. Our last challenge was getting home, your thinking Manchester airport after the devastating events at the indoor arena, you’d be wrong in fact there was no security except passport control. In Turkey they were very strict, so strict I tested positive for explosive, yes my hands no less.  A little concerning given I can’t brush my teeth, my only thought as to what this could be is my hand cream has glycerine in it.

I have to say it was an amazing holiday and we would love to go back, I for one was disappointed that Thompson doesn’t market this as a disabled holiday, as it was spot on. Other disabled people may find my video about the hotel useful as it proves we can go abroad with relative ease.

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