Making memories for our young family as we live with Motor Neurone & Fabry's Disease

Yorkshire Dales

August 18th, 2017

Time flies when you’re having fun, which is exactly what we are doing.  Mnd doesn’t stop us at all, that includes going camping.
We went back to the Yorkshire dales for our wedding anniversary.  Camping is something we used to do a lot, before the girls came along and indeed something the girls now love, nature is something they are fascinated with.  We visited Tan Hill, the highest pub in England.

It still has the same landlady who was there when we got married there with a sheep called Clorisser as a ring barer.

Tracy the landlady had the girls collecting glasses for free drinks.  Tracy also sponsored me £100 for the abseil of the Humber bridge.  It appears there is a theme going on with heights lol.

Now the interesting bit, sleeping, we had two pods, basically a shed with electric. We had taken air beds and sleeping bags even for me lol.  We also took the mobile hoist and as you can see it was rather amusing.

However after a few hours of me on an airbed with Liz, she stated for a virtually paralysed man you don’t half wriggle a lot.  Matters were made worse as I am on water tablets and I can’t pee laid down, in to a bottle, Liz finds this rather bizarre.  After a not so great nights sleep it was a new day, fry up and Thelma reminisced  about our holiday to Turkey, I don’t think she was to ecstatic about camping lol, especially when she stated if we went camping again she was busy lol.
We went to one of our favourite spots on the Pennine way to see the tractor and let the girls have a go.  The weather was great and was lovely for a picnic; the 4×4 wheelchair came in handy as the day of making memories wouldn’t have been possible with out it.  All in all it was a fantastic time away making memories.

Then to make it even better on the way home, we found out I have been shortlisted for a heart of East Yorkshire award.  We knew nothing about this or indeed who nominated me. September is likely to be rather busy as we have a trip to London for the British Medical Awards, we assisted with the mytube website and it has been nominated.

I receive so many kind messages and comments that it is nearly impossible to respond to all of them, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone of you.  Two words get used a lot, inspiration and legend.  I don’t really see any of it; I just go about my business building memories for Lilly and Poppy along the way. Also raising awareness is a big point of it, just yesterday Liz had to explain what Motor neurone disease. Having fun along the way is also vital; it helps me to keep going.

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