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Operations and Puppies

March 12th, 2018

So a fairly quick post to say I’m off to hospital again, this time for a portacast, a small device near my shoulder so they can get a line into my veins as they are rather poor to say the least.  It will also make my fortnightly infusion a lot easier.

That wasn’t my reason for this post through.  In my last post I mentioned Poppy getting a puppy and I asked you all to hold that thought.  Well here are my thoughts behind why I pushed for it, right or wrong I may never know.  For as long as Poppy has been talking near enough she has wanted a dog and basically 3 years in a 5 year olds life, well I don’t need to say it. Everywhere we go and see dogs we have to say hello, as long as the owner allows it. Then there are my thoughts on this, Poppy won’t remember me walking or picking her up, putting her to bed and so on and I feel exceptionally guilty for that, letting her down.  This in no way is isolated to just Poppy; Lilly does remember these things but not amazingly well.  Popcorn as she has been named is something I can give the girls that they can remember me for. Not just a book, picture, video or even this blog but a living breathing creature. I guess in a way I can live on, first we need to do what our site says, making memories . Having said this I am not planning on departing anytime soon. Besides Thelma one of my carers tells me she wants to finish paying for her sofa and wants a new car, so that’s that

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