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Hello spring, I feel the need,. the need for Speed

April 6th, 2019

Well as is usually the case, you don't see a new blog for ages and then they all come at once.

So the gears of a lathe have started to turn, some of the major parts have been manufactured, these have been custom made for this project, we learnt from the previous attempt, using acquired parts from doner machines just didn't work. the previous attempt gave us real food for thought.  so with some serious skills behind me the plan was formulated, now it goes without saying that serious skill is hard to harness as in this case the skilled people are in demand, given these amazing people are donating their time and materials for free. I have purchased some wheels from eBay, which is harder than you think when you need 4 scooter wheels the same.  mission accomplished, sand blasted and powder coated, new tyres to a max speed of 120 mph rated all fitted and ready to go.

so you may think those wheels look big but next to their picture is my 4×4 wheelchair which I used to climb Mt Snowden some year and a half ago, that is a production wheelchair and runs on the same size wheels as you see here, incidentally they are Peugeot scooter wheels. These wheels and tyres were chosen because they offer greater stability and are more forgiving at the speeds we hope to achieve.


Now for you techy people, I don't mean you Kevin Nicks (world's fastest shed) I  have some images and a video courtesy of Graham Sykes of GSPE Ltd .  here you can see the front and rear hubs been turned, along with the axles and associated components.


you can see from the video below that the machine is doing all the work, however all the data must be designed and inputted by Graham. I am very lucky to have Graham on the team.

Graham is helping a lot with the steering geometry and components , as soon as we have the machined parts we can look at putting a chassis together which is including David Taylor  who was a part of this team achieving some 140 mph in a postman pat van

I get asked all the time, when will I be attempting the world record?  answer is I don't know, as the build team is made up of professionals in their fields, they are all in demand, so the time they have spare is very precious, so the project moves at a pace they can manage.

Another question I get asked is will I have protection and a seat belt?  simply yes and no.  I will have standard motor bike leathers and helmet with gloves.  there is no roll cage so no belt, same as a motor bike, if it goes wrong I will be thrown clear, the rest is what it is. This is mainly because for the record the wheelchair must look like a wheelchair and when i go shopping my normal wheelchair doesn't have a roll cage although it is slightly dangerous tackling the Isles of home bargains and Morrisons.


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