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Turkey holiday diary 2018 – Part Two

So the holiday continues. Day three We woke to the fact that the suitcase was on hold, this clearly didn’t go down well with Liz, and she was well restrained to be fair.  First breakfast then down to the pool complete with hoist, inflatable crocodile, rubber ring and Jet Ski.  Once installed Thelma and I embarked on what ended up being a two hour lift ride.  We went to see our new friends at guest relations to get them to ring DHL, (dump, hide, lose) to find out the problem?  We needed...

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MND awareness month

So here I am again, made another year.  Possibly luck has a lot to do with it? Or is it my sheer determination to concur life with this illness.  I find it intriguing how everyone suffers differently, how people deal with it differently, and the pure hatred for the disease. I have to date made some fair achievements even by my standards. I got married to the love of my life, had two amazing girls.  Been to see Mickey mouse twice, swam with Dolphins, did the longest zip wire in Europe,...

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I’m standing, well sitting really.

Well what a few weeks it’s been, in a nut shell – centre parcs, Beverley Westwood, nominated for trustee with MNDA, getting stuck in promoting the fastest electric wheelchair world record, followed by an exciting few weeks. Firstly  our yearly trip to centre parcs at Sherwood Forest and this time we took our 4 legged friend Popcorn, this worked quite well and wasn’t as bad as we thought it might given she is a puppy.  The girls as always loved the swimming activities while dad got jealous of all the fun;...

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It’s Time

Finally we have nice weather, or am I dreaming lol.  BBQ’s are here and maybe it’s Pimms o’clock. I have decided to do a little test, to see if people actually read all my blog post, so keep reading.  Since my last blog believe it or not we haven’t done that much although we have covered some miles.  Last weekend saw our regional mnda conference which wasn’t so regional as it was in Kendal.  The most exciting part for me is the research part, gives an insight into new possibilities. I...

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Jason, Liz, Lilly and Poppy are the Liversidge Family. Jason is terminally ill with both Motor Neurone and Fabry’s Disease. Lilly and Poppy also have Fabry’s disease. This website is here so that Jason and his family can share both the good times and the bad, in a frank and honest way. Follow them on their journey and be a part of Jason’s mission to leave something behind so that his children will never forget him. The rules are simple – treat each day as if were your last. Live, love & laugh,...

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